Member: Finland (Associate Member)

Finnish Work Environment Fund

The purpose of the Finnish Work Environment Fund is to finance research and development aimed at improving the working environment, safety and productivity. The Fund also finances the operation of the Centre for Occupational Safety. It provides the following forms of financial support:

  • Research and development awards
  • Awards for dissemination of information
  • Development grants
  • Scholarships

In 2005 the Fund paid out a total of EUR 9,5m in financial support to 255 projects.

The Fund has active working relationships with corresponding organisations in the other Nordic countries within the AMFORA Group. Other forums for international contacts include the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH), WORK-IN-NET project and the European Association of National Productivity Centres (EANPC).

The Fund co-operates with the Centre for Occupational Safety in promoting productivity in Finnish workplaces. Each year several projects associated with productivity receive financing from the Fund. The Fund represents the other Finnish parties within the EANPC. http://www.tsr.fi/english/ or contact Peter Rehnström (see contact information on right).

Finnish Employers Management Development Institute, FEMDI

FEMDI is a non-profit organisation whose strategy is shaped out through its member organisations and Confederation of Finnish Industries, EK. Approximately 90 percent of the enterprises in Finland are members of EK, both in industry and service sectors. FEMDI’s mission is to develop enterprises and their human resources. FEMDI cornerstones in all their work are Cooperation and Trust.

Since 1946 FEMDI has trained and consulted a great amount of people and organisations in private and public sectors. FEMDI has solid and intensive discussion channels both to the federations and labour unions whenever work life and its development are concerned.

FEMDI is a leading Finnish organisation in productivity development. Their coordinating role in productivity development and consulting in Finland has given them the possibility and obligation to be active in training and implementing new tools, processes and procedures.

In productivity FEMDI has specialised in productivity trainings, vocational qualifications, research-based consulting, productivity co-operating and service for professional developers.

Look for more information on our web site: http://www.femdi.com/.