Member: Austria

WIFI Österreich, the Economic Promotion Institute, is a part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. This is a compulsory membership body for all enteprises in the country. WIFI runs a variety of promotional, trade development, training and consulting activities both alone and in conjunction with its industry and trade branches.

More specifically, its Consultancy Division - which cooperates with the Association - both provides business consultancy to individual enterprises and runs national and European programmes, aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the economy. The division has a permanent staff of some 30 at the national level, and a somewhat smaller number of persons working within the institutes of the 9 federal provinces ("Länder").

Mrs. Monika Elsik
Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (WIFI)

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63
A-1045 Vienna

Work: +43 1 501 05 3023
Fax: +43 1 502 06 253