Member: Slovak Republic (Associate Member)

The Slovak Productivity Center, SLCP, is a national body, open to all. Its founders are the Ministry of Economics, the Union of Employers' Associations and the University of Zilina. Additional governmental institutions and enterprises became members in 1999.

Its long-term goal is, through productivity enhancement in manufacturing, services and other sectors, to raise the quality of life and standard of living in the Slovak Republic. One part of this process will be to increase the level of communication and collaboration among the representatives of governmental and local administrations, employers, employees and management, trade unions, trade associations and chambers of industry and commerce with the aim of raising the overall level of productivity.

The main task of SLCP is to coordinate the activities, promotion and dissemination of the latest methods for improving productivity, competitiveness, quality and manpower motivation. To this end, it has developed a natonal programme for competitiveness and productivity which is being put to the government for endorsement in 2001. Already within this programme technical assistance is being provided by the ILO and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

Prof. Ing. Milan Gregor
Slovak Productivity Center

Univerzitna 1
SK-010 08 Zilina

Tel 1: +421 41 513 27 47
Tel 2: +421 41 513 20 31
Fax: +421 41 513 15 02

e-mail: Milan Gregor
URL: http://www.slcp.sk