Projects & Reports

'Projects and reports' describe activities - on-going and completed - undertaken by members and the secretariat which are of broad productivity interest.

EANPC Seminar in Hamburg April 2008
Market demands and the role of labour in the 21st century
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EPN Seminar in Budapest April 2004
A review of productivity improvement in Europe in the past 5 years, issues and scope for the future.
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Developing the quality and productivity in working life, experiences from the Finnish programme Dr. Tuomo Alasoini, Finnland
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Research Program of Reward Practices - improving the functionality of rewarding inorganisations. Reward systems as means to improve productivity and well-being of personnel Elina Moisio, Finnland
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OSH System Performance Measurement - Current RKW Study on Measuring Effectiveness and Effectivity of OSH Legislation and Labour Inspection Wolfgang Schroeter, Germany
Download [182 KB pdf file]

SME development strategies - EU and the newly joined countries Andrea Igazi, EU Delegation to Hungary
Download [407 KB pdf file]

Developing world class manufacturing companies in Central and Eastern Europe Dr Róbert Veresegyh├ízy, Hungary
Download [313 KB pdf file]

Latest concepts and approaches of productivity Improvement Arturo Tolentino, ILO
Download [159 KB pdf file]

The main concept of productivity centres in Europe and overseas, scope of activities Tony Hubert
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Romanian Productivity and Quality Center - a Suitable Organisation of Productivity Movement Viorel Buruiana
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